11/11/2010 Symposium Sustainable Synergy – Limburg | C2C Network

11/11/2010 Symposium Sustainable Synergy – Limburg

16/11/2010 (All day)

On 11 November, national sustainability day in the Netherlands 2010, the department of Environment and Sustainable Development of the Province of Limburg organised an inspiring symposium for its regional stakeholders that adhere the added value of sustainability and Cradle to Cradle. For the Cradle to Cradle Network lead partner Limburg a perfect moment in time to look back to the past year and inform its stakeholders about the results so far, and, probably even more important, to get them involved into the second phase of the project, drawing their attention to the expected exchange of good practices.
For about 60 participants a dynamic and varied programme was put together in order to create synergy. Different stakeholders coming from regional and local governments, business community and knowledge institutions were provided with an entertaining morning session where serious topics were followed by critical warnings in order to enhance sustainability and synergy among the participants. In the afternoon session, the people were divided over four groups and challenged via speed dating sessions to come up with good ideas to stimulate sustainability in Limburg. It provides the Province of Limburg with insights and ideas for the future. Ideas which also might be interesting in an European context.
One of the highlights of the day was not foreseen in the programme but not less welcome. The Province of Limburg was awarded for being the most sustainable province of the Netherlands in 2010! Regional minister Bert Kersten was more than delighted with this award, which he did not expect but which fulfilled him with pride. C2CN followed this small ceremony with a video compilation of the first year in which it showed its results of the first year and presented the main challenges of the upcoming year. All this emphasised and applauded by some main stakeholders which got involved along the way and contributed in the network. All interviewees in the film strongly support our network and are looking forward to take it a step further in 2011. Please find our video in Dutch below, an English version will be uploaded soon!

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