17/12/2010 Stakeholder Consultation Day – Brussels | C2C Network

17/12/2010 Stakeholder Consultation Day – Brussels

17/12/2010 (All day)

OVAM (Flemish Public Waste Agency) launched the C2CN-project and its regional network on May 26th 2010. Stakeholders clarified their expectations, concerns and suggestions at that time. The last 6 months the focus of the process was on the collection of good practices, the perspective studies and corresponding expert seminars. From now on the focus of the project shifts towards the regional level and the partner action plan(s). Because of this turning point in the process, OVAM organised a Stakeholder Consultation Day in Brussels (December 17th 2010) to reflect with all Flemish stakeholders on the opportunities and the process needed next year.

There were some 150 registrations for the Consultation Day, but lots of snow - thus bad train connections and traffic congestion - restrained some people to come. This time the business world was represented well, while on the other hand we missed participants from the civil society and local governments. All together we welcomed over 100 participants.

Results from the C2CN perspective studies and the C2CN theoretical framework were presented by the contractors (see video reports and slides online). To give participants the essential conclusions from the perspective studies and framework in the morning, as an input for the ideation room sessions in the afternoon, proved to be a good strategy. During the ideation rooms, participants were encouraged to discuss in small groups the relevant challenges to implement C2C initiatives and suggestions for appropriate solutions to these challenges. As a result, a lot of information for the next steps was delivered (see video report on preliminary conclusions, only available in Dutch for the moment). The Consultation Day was considered as a leap towards more concrete action. "If this moment is a turning point in the process, the door must be openend to concrete action", as one of the participants summarised this common feeling. There was not only great enthusiasm in the room, but stakeholders also announced to keep the ambition high and not to wait for an 'action plan' before starting learning-by-doing-projects (see video report on overview consultation day). The upcoming challenge will be to canalize the stakeholder dynamics into action and to position this action in the right context and networks.

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