5/11/2010 Regional Investment Forum North-East, Iasi, Romania | C2C Network

5/11/2010 Regional Investment Forum North-East, Iasi, Romania

05/11/2010 (All day)

Seminar „Will the future be eco-efficient or not?”

The 7th edition of the Regional Investment Forum organized during 4-5 November 2010 in Iasi, Romania under the motto „The future starts today” has enjoyed the presence of more than 200 participants that appreciated the topics chosen, the quality and importance of the themes approached during the presentations and set up good premises for initiation of new development projects and cooperation relationships under the same common interest – further development of this region.

This regional event was organized with the support of local public administrations, “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University, “GR. T. Popa” Medicine and Pharmacy University, Regional Cross-Border Cooperation Office for Romania – Republic of Moldova border, TEHNOPOLIS Technologic and Scientific Park in Iasi. The promotion campaign of the forum involved 13 regional media partners and the event was promoted on 24 on-line news-profiled websites and media newspapers.

The second day of the forum included the seminar „Will the future be eco-efficient or not?” specifically dedicated to sustainability, eco-efficiency and C2C good practice examples. The lecturers invited from abroad and from national level covered a wide range of topics such as:
- C2C concept – from theory to practice, eco-efficiency and governance for sustainable development as implemented by the local public administration (case study of Limburg Province, Holland);
- Presentation of the INTERREG IV C initiative - C2C Network Project;
- Sustainable and eco-efficient development through C2C;
- Promotion of sustainable materials for construction of green buildings in Romania;
- Promoting green products;
- Funding the renewable energy-related and environment protection projects in Romania;
- National strategy for bio-fuels;
- Examples of technological eco-sustainable and eco-efficient solutions.

The seminar was intended for making people understand the real need of defining the future sustainable path of the region. If economically more developed countries like Holland, Great Britain, Austria and Belgium focused on providing greater care to better administration of exhaustible resources by using not only eco-sustainable but also eco-efficient technologies, taking the advantage of the dual gain in terms of global economic competition and preserving a healthy lifestyle and environment for the future generations, what the North-East Region of Romania should do in this respect? The message was that we should not only learn from costly mistakes! Everyone must understand that things could be done right and properly straight from the very beginning. Right and properly means no waste, no residues, making use of green energy and preserving the natural system we live in. The message was received by the audience with high interest and the conclusions of this seminar as well as the further decisions that will be taken will be definitely reflected in the future common actions.

The seminar has been organised in the framework of the project aimed at setting up a C2C Network, co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the INTERREG IVC programme, and will be followed up by a regional awareness-raising campaign that is to be carried out in 2011 under the coordination of the North-East Regional Development Agency, Romania, partner under the project.

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