9 May 2011 C2C Conferency in GYŐR, Hungary | C2C Network

9 May 2011 C2C Conferency in GYŐR, Hungary

  • C2C Conference 9 May
02/05/2011 (All day)

The West-Transdanubian Regional Development Agency is organising the largest C2CN event in the West-Transdanubian Region. Whilst the first period of the project was for getting familiar with the C2C
concept and collecting good practices, now it is time to translate the knowledge to real actions and to concentrate on the adaption and implementation of the chosen good practices. For the sake of practical success, the conference will focus not only on the theoretic background of C2C, but also will give the chance to meet experts, presenting practical experiences as well. During the one day long conference,
Hungarian and foreign experts and GP owners of C2CN will talk about
their profession, and all the participants will have the chance to exchange different experiences and to network. After the selection processes the colleagues of WTRDA, together with the Hungarian GP owners, selected two foreign GP’s, which are fitting as the best in our regional environment and seems worthy to adopt. Representatives of
both foreign GP’s (Floriade Green Park (Netherlands), Kuhmo’s Heating System(Finland)) will make a presentation about their experiences and recommendations on the topic of C2C.
Besides the Hungarian GP owners and experts, all C2CN partners and stakeholders are warmly welcomed!