23/12/2011 (All day)

“Implement now and keep the network alive,” says European Commission to Cradle to Cradle Network.

In 2008 the European Commission encouraged the Dutch Province of Limburg to cooperate with other European regions on opportunities and conditions for enabling European goals such as jobs and growth, innovation and efficient use of scarce resources. In this search the ‘cradle to cradle’ concept functions as a two-edged sword. There is no waste of resources as materials are reused as valuable raw materials in another cycle after their initial use. To achieve this products and services are redeveloped in a safe and sustainable way. It calls for innovations which will also stimulate the economy.

For two years - in 2010 and 2011 - the Cradle to Cradle Network and its internal and external stakeholders developed a solid project. A firm theoretical base, proven results and recommendations were submitted to the European institutions on 8 December in Brussels. Both the content and the way C2CN was organised, received the highest esteem of all those present. The European Commission stressed the use of the network’s recommendations. Judith Merkies MEP, rapporteur on the flagship innovation, called ‘resource intelligence’, i.e. less and better use of resources through preciser application, to be the message for the future. She considered the work of the network to be a good first step. President of the Flemish Parliament Jan Peumans admired the way the ten European partners accomplished the project successfully.

The task now for each of the ten regions is to ensure that the legacy of the project leads to continuing progress in the field of resource management and that they respond to the European Commission’s appeal to ‘keep the network alive’.

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