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C2CN at the Cradle to Cradle Festival

31/03/2011 (All day)

From 26 January to 16 March, 2011 EPEA celebrated the first Cradle to Cradle®-Festival in Berlin. Approximately 80 companies and regions participated at the Festival in this period during which, apart from the exhibition, numerous workshops, panel discussions and presentations were organised. March 15 was in particular dedicated towards to Cradle to Cradle Network. In close cooperation with EPEA we managed to put together an interesting and varied programme mainly focused on C2C across borders. Philips started off the day presenting their ambitious sustainability policy and their Econova television. The first TV which is C2C inspired, and designed with the future in mind as they say. The presentations showed how a multinational has been working for years on their sustainability process and how they have been developing gradually, with the Econova TV to exemplify what results are possible at this moment taken into account consumers wants and technical possibilities. Lemon Scented Tea, an independent post advertising agency located in Amsterdam, continued the afternoon session by explaining the importance and difficulty of spreading a message people want to hear. As creative director John Weich explains: Few brands and few initiatives are luckily enough to have a story people want to hear. C2C definitely has a story everyone wants to hear but it’s a lot of work, you have to work together and work hard. But it’s a story the worlds wants to hear and that’s 90% of the battle. Following, the floor was ours. Our presentations fit perfectly in the idea of the festival to exemplify and share what examples already exist in the field of C2C, not only in the Netherlands but on a European scale. Overall manager Harma Albering presented our Network, our aims, goals and achieved results so far. Illustrated with some nice films it shows we have accomplished already quite something in such a short period. We chose to tackle cross border C2C cooperation from three different angles: design, EU policy and from a regional development agency’s perspective. Joost Backus (Koekoek), Peter Kuppers (Province of Limburg) and Julien Debruyere (ARDI Rhône Alpes) were the responsible spokesmen to highlight the themes and showed how C2C is embraced through Europe in the different fields of expertise. You have to work hard and you have to work together, as Mr Weich outlined. We believe C2CN fits this description and hopefully we are able to pass on the message people want to hear! The Cradle to Cradle Festival provided us with another stage to proceed a step further and we will continue do so till the end of our project and beyond.