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C2CN Progress Event Iasi 8-9 June

28/06/2011 (All day)

Conference "Innovation - results and practice for sustainable development". Iasi 8 - 9 June 2011

The North-East Regional Development Agency in partnership with the National Institute of Science Inventions of Iasi organized and held between 8-9 June 2011 the transnational event "Innovation - results and practice for sustainable development" dedicated to practical solutions for sustainable development based on Cradle to Cradle principles. The event was hosted by the "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University and was attended by over 170 participants.

Over the course of two days, the representatives of local government, businesses, non-governmental sector, inventors and innovators, reflected on two important issues: how the good practices identified and functional in other regions of the European Union can be adapted and implemented in the North- East Region and which is the value added of the INTERREG IVC project "Cradle to Cradle Network" to the future regional policies.

The organizers, along with other members of the European Network Cradle to Cradle, organized five workshops that were designed to provide more information on good practices for which the stakeholders in the region have expressed their interest in adaptation, adoption and potential transfer:
• A workshop dedicated to present the case study "Eastex Materials Exchange", Great Britain, in which Clive Wadham-Smith, representative of the British business owning company, introduced the tool used to identify, quantify and facilitate the exchange of residual, by-products and waste materials among interested companies.
• Workshop dedicated to presenting the case study "Eco- and sanogene innovations for optimizing the quality of life", where Professor Dr. Traian D. Stănciulescu detailed the applicability of some scientific and technological patents on textiles industry;
• The workshop intended to presenting the case study "Strategic framework for the development of Limburg Province during 2008-2011" was led by Jesper Wilms, regional representative of the provincial Dutch authorities, who presented the conditions in which such local development plan can be elaborated and applied while the representative of Romania Green Building Council through its president, Mr. Steven Borcamp, provided more information on how to address public works projects (new civil constructions or rehabilitations) so that the sustainability criteria to be fulfilled;
• The workshop for presenting the case study "Environmental Friends Awards" led by Daniela Vergani (Milano Metropoli Development Agency SpA Italy) brought information straight from the source concerning technical and financial conditions necessary for developing and implementing a successful program that succeeded in stimulating the participation of universities and NGOs in training and attracting young people to approach sustainable initiatives.
• Workshop for presenting the case study "ECOPROFIT" originated from Austria was dedicated to representatives of chambers of commerce and industry, environmental agencies and local or regional development organizations that can establish an awareness program and training of entrepreneurs to implement environment protection projects. The presentation of the case study and its details were made by Andrea Zelger.

On June 8, 2011, Gabriela Macoveiu, project manager on the North-East RDA side, accompanied by representatives of the Province of Limburg, Netherlands - lead partner of the project - namely Ruud Schoufs and Harma Albering, participated in a televised discussion/interview aimed at describing the "Cradle to Cradle Network", its objectives and the approach by the partners to obtain the expected results and impact. The interview was broadcasted by Romanian national TV channel, Iasi Branch, in a morning show titled "Good morning, Moldova".

In parallel with this event the International Steering Committee meeting was also held, opportunity for project partners to discuss upon the progress of the project so far and settle the details of the activities to be implemented in the next immediate period of time.