Eco-efficient future - nothing or all, launching seminar for Cradle to Cradle Network in Romania | C2C Network

Eco-efficient future - nothing or all, launching seminar for Cradle to Cradle Network in Romania

Start day: 
Fri, 2010-11-05 10:30
End day: 
Fri, 2010-11-05 (All day)

Romania as many other countries is facing the economic and financial crisis that strikes mostly in the newly established systems for European Union Membership. Industry is the most affected, as entrepreneurs had to face challenges of new technologies and productive solutions with scarce financial and material resources. That is in the context of worldwide increasing competition for resources and severe climatic changes that comes to add more stress into this competition.
European Union had recognized the importance of not only sustainable use of available material resources, but also an ecologically efficient development, in order to allow earth to survive after the global industrial expansion. It is that reason why in the Strategy 2020, one of the most important fields of action foreseen is Resource Efficient Europe.
It is not important only to develop with technologies that not affect our future generations, but it is also important to start using technologies that reduce the pressure on the resources and reverse natural products into the nature. This is how the principle Cradle to Cradle was borne and examples of companies that already use this approach form all over Europe are today available to Romanian companies through Cradle to Cradle Network.
Participants to this seminar will find more about how the concept was founded and what progress has been achieved in European Countries so far. From industry to building solutions, from local governance to area specific development, the principle has found its application with recognized benefits for both people and environment.
With the contributions of Province of Limburg representatives, initiators of European Cradle to Cradle Network and Romanian organizations with experience in environmental protection activity, examples of good practice will be presented and possible guidelines will be discussed, in order to fundament the role of C2C in the future programming period 2014-2020 in Romania.
Join us to find more about how you can develop your operations and create new jobs by using intelligent solutions.
You can subscribe to the Regional Investment Forum North-East Romania Secretariat. Contact person: Mrs. Liliana Baicu, Phone/Fax. 004 0233 224.167, e-mail:

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5th of November 2010, Hotel Traian Conference Centre, City: Iasi: Country: Romania