International workshop on Eco design in Ljubljana | C2C Network

International workshop on Eco design in Ljubljana

22/06/2011 (All day)

Cradle to Cradle is an internationally fast growing vision which is meanwhile considered by numerous companies and enterprises throughout Europe and the world. The basic idea of C2C is to shift the focus from minimizing waste to developing strategies for products and services that enable them to be led in closed loops -being very good instead of less bad.
Eco Design can be seen as a fundamental step towards developing Cradle to Cradle products. It strives to integrate environmental aspects into the product development process by balancing ecological and economic requirements.
Environmental aspects are considered in all stages of the product development process aiming to minimize the environmental impact throughout the whole life cycle of the product.
The International Workshop on Eco Design is organized in the context of C2CN, a project of the Interreg IVC programme, co-funded by the EU. Within C2CN Slovenia belongs to a network consisting of 10 partner-regions throughout Europe. These partners have identified several good practices which will be presented and discussed at the event. The aim is to provide information about projects and methods arising from Eco Design and their prospects to be transferred or implemented into specific fields of work.