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In this page you can find all the public deliverables of the Cradle to Cradle Network project. If you need further informations, please contact us.

Theoretical Framework

This Theoretical Framework provides more detailed information on the principles of the Cradle to Cradle concept and its implications at a theoretical level. The framework helps to develop a common language for the Network and underpins the perspective studies and the ongoing work of the C2CN.

Perspective Studies

This perspective study will serve as frame of reference for follow-up activities and exchanges both within and outside the Cradle to Cradle Network (C2CN) and it aims to reflect the current challenges and opportunities associated with implementing a Cradle to Cradle approach. In total, four perspective studies have been written, in the
areas on industry, area spatial development, governance and on the build theme.

A Journey from Cradle to Cradle. C2C Network Initiatives Guide

The C2C Network proudly presents 'A Journey from Cradle to Cradle. C2CN Initiatives Guide'. The guide (aka the good practice handbook) can best be seen as a catalogue of C2C related practices that are being planned and/ or happening in Europe. The cases in this initiatives guide come from stakeholders who understand that we need to go beyond eco-efficiency and have departed on their journey towards eco-effectiveness. The good practices presented in this book do not only describe C2C certified products or services. They are not pure examples, neither are they the very best or ultimate examples of C2C applications. The good examples in this handbook are first and foremost examples of practical efforts, of practices aiming at real live implementation of C2C inspired thinking. Enjoy and let them inspire you as well.


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C2CN Lessons Learned

C2CN Lessons Learned documents the learning process within the Cradle to Cradle Network (C2CN) project.

C2C - Booklet, A journey from Cradle to Cradle

C2CN Policy Recommendations

The C2C Network wants to promote the way of thinking and the philosophy behind C2C as well as the governance and steering mechanisms that help to distribute and apply them. The project is about knowledge building and raising awareness. Policy recommendations have been formulated largely from the results and the lessons learnt from the Guide on C2C beyond waste management, including policy recommendations at the strategic level to guide EU policy towards eco-effectiveness; perspective studies on industry, area spatial development, governance and build theme; ‘A journey from Cradle to Cradle: C2C network initiatives guide’; transfer workshops, study visits, regional meetings, and expert seminars. The (non-exhaustive) list of recommendations provides signposts for an eco-effective society. The four main recommendations are about creating a common framework for an eco-effective society; stimulating the market for C2C-inspired materials, products and services; supporting innovation through partnerships; and financing the transition to an eco-effective society.

Guide On C2C Beyond Waste Management

The Guide on C2C beyond waste management provides insight in the major challenges Europe and its policies have for making the transition towards a society where waste has become resource. This Guide is the cornerstone of the Cradle to Cradle Network INTERREG IV C project and builds on the experience of 10 regions in Europe, a Cradle to Cradle Framework, four perspective studies in the areas on industry, area spatial development, governance and the build theme and a guide of C2C inspired practices in these four areas. Just as these studies are not formal academic literature reviews, this Guide on C2C beyond waste management is also developed from a practical point of view with regard to policy makers.


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